Quarterly Club (QC)

Wayfarers QC is up and running from 1 July 2017 – thanks to all the members who have contributed.

The eighth QC draw took place at the Social Tournament /BBQ  on 21st June 2019

AS the number of members has increased, the second & third prizes have also increased – see below !


Remember you can still choose a number(s) which will be yours for all future draws.  Click here for List of Allocated Numbers  29.9.17

The next draw will be in September (at the early AutumnTournament/BBQ – look out for the email ! ) and then  December.

What are the prizes:

 • First Prize (1st ball drawn) £600

• Second Prize (2nd ball drawn) £100

• Third Prize (3rd ball drawn) £50

• Fourth Prize (4th ball drawn) 1 free entry to next draw (worth £15)

• Fifth Prize (5th ball drawn) 1 free entry to next draw (worth £15)

• Sixth Prize (6th ball drawn) 1 free entry to next draw (worth £15)

Members who missed joining the QC and now wish to join can do so provided that they submit a completed standing order  form and pay any shortfall in cash. Please contact Phil Pemberton (phil.pemberton@btinternet.com) for more details and a standing order form.

(Example: If a new member joins the QC immediately prior to the September draw they must complete a standing order form from 1 October and pay £15 arrears in cash).

Under no circumstances will cash entries be accepted unless a standing order mandate has been completed.