The Club enters the Middlesex Summer league every year with both Ladies and Men’s teams. The matches take place both home and away in the evenings (start 6.30 pm) during the week. If you would like to play in a team please discuss with the Club Coach – Terry Stidder – and he will advise which team would be suitable.

For the 2018 season we will again be fielding 5 x Mens teams & 3 x Ladies teams – Fixtures are detailed below

The matches start in May, and updates on results will be added as the season progresses.


Wayfarers Summer Fixtures V2 (23/4/18)

Mens I Team (West Intermediate)
30/4 Mon v Lensbury II   A
24/5 Thu v Ealing II    A
31/5 Thu v Eastcote I    H
19/6 Tue v Headstone I    A
28/6 Thu v Hurlingham I    H
18/7 Wed v Harrow Lawn I    A
26/7 Thu v Ealing I    H

Mens II Team (North West Div 2)
1/5 Tue v Vagabonds I   A
17/5 Thu v Harrow Lawn II    H
31/5 Thu v Lowlands II   A
7/6 Thu v Headstone II   H
21/6 Thu v Lowlands III *    H
2/7 Mon v West End Pinner III    A
19/7 Thu v Pinner II    A

Mens III Team ( North West Div 3)
10/5 Thu v Eastcote II   H
24/5 Thu v Pinner III    A
7/6 Thu v Coles Green I    H
12/6 Tue v Kenton II    A
5/7 Thu v Kenton III    H
12/7 Thu v Lowlands IV    A
26/7 Thu v Acorn I    H

Mens IV Team ( North West Div 8)
3/5 Thu v Eastcote V    A
17/5 Thu v Harrow LawnV    H
29/5 Tue v Harrow Leisure    H (a)
3/7 Tue v Carlton Century    A
2/8 Thu v Eastcote IV     H

Mens V Team (North West Div 9)
3/5 Thu v Harrow Weald IV   H
24/5 Thu v Acorn III   A
31/5 Thu v Harrow Lawn VI   H
14/6 Thu v Hatch End V   A
5/7 Thu v Hatch End VI    H
19/7 Thu v Headstone V    A

Double Home Games on 17/5, 31/5, 7/6, 5/7 & 26/7
Date changed from original


Ladies I Team (North West Div 2)
3/5 Thu v Harrow Weald I A
18/5 Fri v Lowlands III A
29/5 Tue v Harrow Town III H
18/6 Mon v Eastcote III A
3/7 Tue v Hatch End I H
18/7 Wed v Hatch End II A
24/7 Tue v David Lloyd Northwood II H

Ladies II Team (North West Div 4)
1/5 Tue v Pinner III   H
22/5 Tue v Eastcote IV   A
5/6 Tue v Eastcote V   H
28/6 Thu v Hatch End III   A
17/7 Tue v Harrow Weald II    H
25/7 Wed v West End Pinner IV    A

Ladies III Team (North West Div 6)
15/5 Tue v Pinner IV H
29/5 Tue v Eastcote VI A
5/6 Tue v David Lloyd Sudbury Hill * H
26/6 Tue v Hillingdon Community A
10/7 Tue v Hatch End IV H
23/7 Mon v Harrow Lawn VI A


As matches may be re-arranged due to weather or other circumstances, the attached document offers guidance on determining court Usage Priority

Court Priority May 2018 V2