Welfare / Safeguarding

Wayfarers is committed to prioritising the safety & well-being of all children and adults at the Club, promoting safeguarding at all times.  The documents attached below detail our policy, striving to deliver a positive tennis experience for everybody, and to respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns or disclosures.

Wayfarers has also now issued an updated Code of Conduct, which includes the rules for Court Etiquette. It is essential that all members conduct themselves in the correct manner at all times, and the attached Code of Conduct outlines the requirements, see link below 

The Club’s Welfare Officer is Mary Hayes. Contact Mary in the first instance if you have concerns over your own welfare or that of others. Mary’s details and the Club’s Welfare Policy Statement are also on the Notice Board in the Clubhouse.

Tel: 07881 804816                 e mail: hayes.mary@yahoo.co.uk

The full details of our policy are in the following documents:

Wayfarers Safeguarding Policy_Oct 2021

Wayfarers Diversity & Inclusion policy_Oct 2021


Wayfarers Whistleblowers Policy is detailed in following attachment –

Wayfarers Changing Rooms Policy is detailed in following document –

Wayfarers Code of Conduct & Court etiquette is detailed in following document